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Suitable for Seller at remote location

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What Hills & Wills do?

  • Assist to prepare and stag your property to sell – To “Maximize the Sale Value”
  • Analyzing and suggesting the market price - To “Price Your Property Correctly”
  • Prepare Listing Photography and Videograph – To “Present your Property Professionally”
  • Market your hill property – “We Know When, Where and How to Advertise”
  • Follow up with potential leads – To “Identify the Buyer”
  • Handle site visits of buyers – To “Save your Time and Money”
  • Negotiate your hill property deal – To “Get you the Best Terms”
  • Finalize open ends - To “Close the Deal”
Why Hills & Wills?

How it is better than Property Portals?

Buyer’s Most Preferred Choice

Due to exclusive hill station property listing – First time in India, world class hill station real estate advisory and un parallel after sale property management services

Global Visibility to your Property

Increased probability of sale or quick sale due to listed property’s visibility across the globe and NRIs through different Hills & Wills digital Platforms

Remote location Seller's Favorite

Right from photo and video shoot till buyer site visits to the property, Hills & Wills local hill office takes care – Hassle free sale by sellers located outside the hill

A to R Service of a Hill Property Sale

From “Advertising to Registration” tasks of a hill property selling process, everything under one roof Hills & Wills and at affordable charges than any other mode

Property Posting Plans

Visibility to 37% buyer

Highest Validity

₹ 0

Listing fee


Visibility to 83% buyer

Increased Visibility

₹ 2500

50% off ₹5000 Listing fee


Visibility to 91% buyer

Top Slot Validity

₹ 5000

50% off ₹10000 Listing fee



Visibility to 97% buyer

Highest Visibility

₹ 0

Listing fee

Customized Brokerage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Independent house, villa, apartment, residential plot, farm house, agriculture land and commercial properties but located in hill stations alone

Click post property menu on the top, fill up the data in the wizard (seller info, property details and property specification), up load the property photos, upload the property video through YouTube embedded code, choose the Ad plan you wish and make the payment online (in the case of featured and premium listing only) – That’s it your property will be uploaded

Premium listing - Top slot visibility and increased possibility of sale but at a lower fee of 1% of property sale value which is less than the industry standard of 2%

Hills & Wills Exclusive – Highest visibility, digital marketing and dedicated marketing manager for faster sale of property at customized fee which is 2% of property sale value or more depend upon property and sale requirement of clients

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