Listing Duration
100 days
200 days
360 days
Till Sold Out
No. of listing
Property Posting Assistance
Rate of Response
Upto 5 times more
Upto 10 times more
Global Reach
Notification to buyer
Professional Photoshoot
Professional Videoshoot
Property Verification
Hills & Wills Exclusive
Increased Visibility
Top Slot Visibility
Extreme Visibility
Display in High impact banner
1 Day
2 Days
15 Days
15 Days
Site Visit to buyer
Negotiation Assistance
Documentation Assistance
Property description by expert
Filtered Response
Digital Promotion
Exclusive Banner
Email Promotion
360° Advertisement
Dedicated Marketing Manager
Brokerage FeeTo be paid upon sale
1% on Sale Value
(Call @ 9 600 400 900)
Advertising ChargeTo be paid now for listing
₹ 0
Buy Now
₹ 999
Buy Now
₹ 4,999
Buy Now
₹ 4,999
Buy Now
Note *
  • All price are exclusive of Taxes
  • Site visit and photoshoot available only in Kodaikanal, Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Gudalur, Rest of Nilgiris and Courtallam and depend on access to site
  • Advertisement charge is nonrefundable at any circumstances
  • By making the payment of advertising charge, seller agrees and indemnify to pay the specified brokerage fee at the time of registration (Applicable to Premium and Exclusive Listing Plans)
  • Brokerage for Exclusive listing for priority sale depends on the location, property details, time frame to sell, etc
  • Subscription duration may be shortened if the property is sold earlier
Visibility to 37% buyer
Visibility to 83% buyer
Visibility to 91% buyer
Visibility to 97% buyer
Exclusive Plan Overview

It is the best plan for sellers who wish to liquidate their property urgently. “Exclusive Listing” is the top notch plan of Hills & Wills for the fastest sale than any other source or mode. In addition, the best way to get more buyer options to negotiate the best sale price.

Key features and the working mechanism
Visibility and reach across the globe
  • Display in Hills & Exclusive banner
  • 15 days display in Hills & high impact banner and continuous refreshment
  • Display in all other Hills & Wills online platforms
Intense Online Presence & marketing for quick sale
  • Dedicated digital marketing through Facebook, YouTube and Goolev
  • Display of property across other social media platforms
  • Email marketing and Listing in Property Classifieds
  • Quick reach to target buyers and instant lead generation
Dedicated Marketing Efforts & custom built engagement
  • Dedicated marketing manager
  • Site photo and video shoot, property description by expert and professional online presentation
  • Buyer site visit, participate in negotiation of sale agreement and documentation assistance
  • Continuous efforts till sale and within time frame
Exclusive Listing Fee & Terms

Listing fee Rs. 4,999 to be paid at the stage of listing the property

Brokerage 2% of sale consideration or More – Customized Brokerage to be paid upon sale

Terms Marketing shall be exclusively through Hills & Wills only for the agreed period in Commission agreement

FAQ - Why Customized Brokerage?

Each client’s requirement to sell their property and time frame to sell is different due to which the marketing efforts to be put and the marketing cost to Hills & Wills also varies to achieve the task.

Hence brokerage for Exclusive Listing is customized and depends on the marketing cost involved to Hills & Wills, parameters like property location, property nature, property value, sale terms, etc.

This brokerage is to be paid by the seller if the sale happens and at the time of property registration only.

Though the online resources looks like that it is possible to handle the sale on your own, it actually helps you in few of the tasks involved in real estate transactions and not all - They are far from a replacement for a professional real estate agency.

On the other hand, real estate agency in hill station will have more knowledge about the locality, guide and assist a buyer better than a portal but they can’t reach out to the buyers across the globe like portals.

There are deficiencies with property portals and real estate agencies. Hills & Wills provide the combined benefits of these two sale techniques.

Hills & Wills is different from traditional property portals
Blend of both real estate agency & portal benefit

All the advantage of property portal and needy local support of a professional hill real estate agency together – 1st of its kind and at fee lower than industry standard brokerage of 2%

Exclusive Hill property Listing- Buyer’s favorite

Unlike traditional property portals, Hills & Wills exclusive lists hill property across south India– First of its kind and hill station specific buyer’s paradise

A boon to Remotely located Sellers

Right from photo and video shoot till buyer site visits to the property, Hills & Wills local hill office takes care – Hassle free sale by sellers located away from the hill

A to R Service of a Hill Property Sale

“Advertising to Registration” tasks of a hill property selling process, everything under one roof Hills & Wills and at lower charge than Industry standard

Key Services in Purchase of Property
  • Identify suitable properties matching buyer requirement
  • Site visit assistance to buyer
  • Participate in negotiations of the Sale Agreement
  • Advice on steps involved in Property Transfer

2% of the sale consideration at the time of registration


GST will be charged extra on Brokerage Commission

Property search sites give a sampling of what’s available, but a buyer has to evaluate various parameters of each hill property and research whether asking prices are justified which is a tough task since adjacent properties in hills are different unlike in city. Because hill station properties are as unique as human finger prints in terms of view, climate, terrain, access, etc.

Either the buyer need to have previous experience of buying a hill property or to make use of hill experts like Hills & Wills.

Hills & Wills Expertise

Buying a hill station property is a dream project or investment for most of the buyers. It can’t be told that the properties listed in Hills & or any other portal will always suit to a buyer’s dream.

In such cases, Hills & Wills put its dedicated effort to source the buyer’s dream property in a specific hill station through its local offices to satisfy the buyer rather than convincing him for a listed property – Unique Approach.

On specific request, Hills & Wills also source and offer social status enhancing prestigious properties with 360 degree view, waterfalls view, lake view, valley view, heritage properties, Nano estates, etc in specific hill station.

Hills & Wills is different from traditional Property Portals
Exclusive Hill Station Property Listing

Choice of hill stations across south India, vast property collection in each hill station, covering all property types

Expert Hill Realty Advisory

Guides where to buy (hill station selection), which to buy (Property selection) when to buy and how to buy

A to Z buying support through local hill office

Complete buying assistance right from site visit, property selection, negotiation and till registration

After Sale – Construction Support

Architectural assistance, construction support, special skills like wood house networking in specific hills

After Sale – Rental Assistance

Hassle free rental support on priority when Hills & Wills buyer wish to let out their property for rent

After Sale – Renovation Support

Complete renovation support whether it is civil, electrical, painting, interior, carpentry or landscaping in specific hills

After Sale – Property Monitoring - UNIQUE

Random site visits to report property condition after rain, care taker performance in specific hills

H & W Extended NRI Services

In addition to property buying and after sale services, any other property related service NRI may need

Help Support | +91 9 600 400 900

Flash Sale Combo

Digital marketing

Facebook Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Google Ads Campaign

Promotion in other social media channels

Listing in Property Classifieds

Package validity 15 Days


Complimentry listing

Featured Listing on Hills&

200 days display validity

2 days display in high impact banner

Free Photoshoot and Videoshoot


Display of property across social media platforms

Quick reach to target buyers

Instant buyer leads to seller

Fastest sale probability than any other source

More buyer options to the property owner - Opportunity to negotiate best sale price

₹ 25,000