• kodaikanal 6998 Feet Altitude, 8°C Minimum Temperature

  • Ooty 7350 Feet Altitude, 5°C Minimum Temperature

  • Visalia, NJ 93277 Altitude 7350 Feet, Minimum Temperature 5°C

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$600 per kilogram for tea?! – Nilgiris and it’s astonishing TEA!

We all sleep, we all wake up – it’s just the same. What changes for each and every person is their morning routine and time that they wake up. Some might get up and stretch, some might go for a walk, some go right into the bathroom to take a shower, but there’s one thing that doesn’t change.... HOT BEVERAGES. Tea, Coffee, Milk or at least hot water is consumed by majority of the people on waking up. This tends to freshen up the mind from the night’s slumber, getting it ready to work the rest of the day. While 10 billion litres of Coffee is consumed all around the world, the...Read More

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Urbanization has a beautiful face of increased infrastructure, shopping malls, sky scrapers, metro and mono rails, cinemas, job opportunities, etc. But the other face of it is impermeable surfaces, reduced greenery density, increased population and atmospheric heating in metros and cities. In cities, especially metro like Chennai this leads to a high rise in the temperature even during the winter season and most importantly a consistent increasing trend in annual mean minimum temperature.Read More